Mack Energy Corp. History

Mack Energy Corporation was formed in 1988 as an independent energy company engaged in oil and gas exploration, development and production in southeastern New Mexico. Mack Energy Corporation wholesale jerseys China was founded by Mack C. Chase who serves as President. Headquartered in Artesia, New Mexico with offices in Roswell, New Mexico, Midland and Ft. Worth, Texas. Mack Energy Corporation and its affiliates employs over 900 people. The New Mexico’s company’s portfolio of oil and gas properties provides a stable platform for future growth and expansion. The primary operating area of Mack Energy Corporation is New Mexico and West Texas. Operations are focused on the identification and evaluation of prospective oil and gas properties and the contribution of capital to projects that have the potential to produce oil or gas prospects which increase reserves, production and cash flow. Technological advances in recent years have opened new possibilities for exploration. We strive to take advantage of these advances and stay abreast of the newest technology to ensure that our company is a forerunner in the quest for energy for many years to come.